wHat is wepoint?


WEPOINT is a loyalty point  exclusively for our valued Wesave members, where they can earn points from purchases on selected products. Accumulated WEPOINT can then be used to redeem any products from our website.




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Members T&C

Points Redemption


  1. For effective protection of YOUR legal interests in using the SERVICE, YOU understand and agree to accept the following provisions:

a. With the use of the SERVICE, points will be granted through various forms. No cash value is endowed upon the points. They cannot be converted into cash or any other forms of money, regardless of the ways through which the points are earned.

b. Points are not deemed as any form of property; hence they are not any property over which YOU may exercise the full right of possession. The COMPANY may, in its sole discretion, adjust the point value or amend relevant provisions relating to points redemption without YOUR prior consent.

c. YOU are entitled only to convert the points granted into designated service or products according to the COMPANY’s relevant provisions.

d. Fraud, misuse, or other misconduct involving the acquisition and (or) use of points may result in the immediate cancellation, restriction or termination of YOUR points or the use of YOUR points.

e. Point validity period: Beginning January 2017, points earned will expire at the end of every second year on 31 st December. (For example, points earned in March 2017 are valid till 31 st December 2018; points earned in February 2018 are valid till 31 st December 2019).