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  • NB D2-F Wall Bracket Holder Mount
  • Easy and quick installation
  • High-quality
  • Flat panel fixed mount
  • Suitable for 32'' to 40''
  • This Sony SU-B401S is a specially designed TV stand for on of Sony's LED TV models. 
  • The SU-B401S incorporates the height of design and style into your room. 
  • This whole unique look will compliment your living space, and so your TV no longer becomes just an object to watch in your past time, but adds to the whole finish of your room with its sleek, neat and stylish monolithic design. 
  • Brushed aluminium display stand with built-in Active Speaker System delivering superior sound quality
  • Luxurious and stylish brushed aluminium finish to complete your ultra-smooth NX710 Series LCD TV
  • Set your stylish NX710 Series LCD TV at a 6 degree upward style so you can place your TV on modern low furniture and still get the optimal view
  • Designed to fit seamlessly with the Monolithic Design style to enhance your living room
  • Get a perfect view on contemporary, low furniture - Stand lets you set your BRAVIA TV at a 6 degree viewing angle for optimum viewing when placed on low furniture.
  • Luxury finish to add style to your home over the Internet - Solid, brushed aluminium stand complements the TV look and feel perfectly to give your home extra style.
  • Minimal style to complement BRAVIA TVs - The stand fits seamlessly with the Monolithic Design style to enhance your living room and add a sense of space.
  • TV stand with built-in speakers, subwoofer and 6 degree angle positioning for low furniture
  • Built-in speakers improve audio with no clutter
  • Designed to match Monolithic Design BRAVIA TV
  • Put on low furniture to redefine the room set-up
  • Solid brushed aluminium finish
  • 6 degree viewing angle