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Personal Care
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  • Keeps your scalp clean.
  • Waterproof so you can use it in the shower.
  • Select from a total of 3 modes (High, Low, Rhythmic)
  • Emits nano-sized ionic steam
    Deep cleansing
    Moisturize skin
    Compact size and easy operation
  • “Foam facial cleansing” (Soft & Normal) and “Makeup removal” modes to remove oil, dead skin cells and makeup thoroughly that may clog in pores and keratinized cells
  • Auto-foaming function with facial wash* can discharge superfine foam in only 5 seconds (* Foam-rich facial wash is recommended)
  • Roller massage attachment can massage your face and generate superfine foam, which can help eliminating skin friction while washing face and suitable for users with dry or sensitive skin users
  • Used with soft brush, superfine foam can clean pores gently and brings refreshing facial cleaning experience
  • Used with pore focus brush, it can clean the rough areas or clogged pores around the nose and chin
  • 2-level temperature settings (Approx. 43°C and 48°C) on makeup removal head for efficient makeup removal
  • Waterproof design which allows usage in shower
  • 1-min and 3-min auto turn-off function in “Foam facial cleansing” and “Makeup removal” mode respectively
  • Accessories: Soft brush, roller massage attachment, pore focus brush, brush head protective cover with measuring cup & stand
  • 2-hour charging
  • Use anywhere -- collapsible dental water flosser design fits easily in bag or luggage
  • Reach where dental floss can't with high-power pulsing to help remove plaque
  • Two-speed pulse for everyday cleaning and sensitive gums
  • 100% waterproof for quick, easy cleaning under the faucet